About Us.

Creating Peace of Mind.

Welcome! At Sarah Morris Law, LLC, we understand how to be a resource and an advocate in preserving your unique legacy, no matter what happens.

Sarah Morris Law is a boutique estate planning law firm based in Denver, Colorado. Our services include the preparation of simple will-based plans with powers of attorney, complex trust and tax-planning, and tax-exempt entity consulting. We work with a network of other attorneys, financial advisors, and wealth-management professionals, and we are open and inclusive.

Ensuring Flexibility & Affordability

We prioritize flexibility and affordability. These are scary times for all of us. We live in an increasingly challenging and evolving world. We know juggling your numerous responsibilities and expressing your love, during life and long after, isn’t easy. This work is personal and meaningful for you and your loved ones. The reality is that putting a plan in place for worst-case scenarios is an act of selfless love.

Now more than ever, it is our belief that everyone needs an effective estate plan; across the spectrum of age, gender, wealth, religion, sexuality, marital status, whether you have a new baby, older children, or a blended family, or if you are caring for aging family members or have health concerns yourself. Sarah Morris Law, LLC creates a patient and non-judgmental space for clients to address their concerns at every life juncture.

Providing Clarity.

We work with clients to transform a process that can be riddled with questions and anxiety, into a formative and informative legacy planning experience. Our services are tailored to your family’s circumstances and the issues that are most important to you. We provide the resources and clarity to tackle difficult conversations with those you care about. Clients walk away feeling empowered with the tools to achieve financial goals, and above all else, peace of mind.

Talking about illness, death, or divorce is difficult. Talking to a lawyer, or even your own loved ones can be that much more daunting. It’s our goal at Sarah Morris Law, LLC to ease that burden for all.

Our Services.